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My father was prescribed with Zometa to treat multiple myeloma. And I think the medication is the reason why the last years of his life were comparatively enjoyable and happy. The thing is that he was diagnosed with lung cancer about ten years ago. All this time he was struggling hard for his life and health. But the disease turned out to be stronger than he was. Actually lung cancer diagnosis was a shock for him as he was not a heavy smoker, he smoked when he was younger but that was a short period of time. And his work was not connected with any chemicals or other harmful substances to breathe in. sad but true, he developed lung cancer. During long years of treatment he has changed many medications, some of them were more effective, others less. But in general we were sure the treatment was bringing positive results. There were periods of time when my father was active as before he was diagnosed with cancer, and he felt himself healthy, but then the disease would come back and we had to look for another treatment option. After one of such remission periods my father's doctor told us that unfortunately in spite of all the efforts the cancer spread to bones. That was a tough blow, we all were destroyed. My father was put on Zometa to slow down disease spreading in the bones. It was very painful at times, but Zometa helped a lot. My father lived 3 more years and due to this medication he was able to enjoy the rest of his life and spend many happy hours with his family. He's no longer with us, but we are grateful to Zometa for helping him forget about pain and sufferings at least for some time.

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This online pharmacy will solely dispense a managed substance to a person who has a sound prescription issued for a authentic medical purpose primarily based upon a medical relationship with a prescribing practitioner. This includes at least one prior in-individual medical analysis or medical evaluation through telemedicine in accordance with relevant requirements of part 309.
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